Constitution of the CFPC
Constitution of the
Canadian Federation of Presbyteral Councils


Canadian English Language Sector

Leading together with hope

The Church in Canada is multicultural.   Recognizing the complementarity of the common Priesthood and the ministerial Priesthood, aware of fulfilling the mission of the Church entrusted by Jesus Christ to His disciples and recognizing new expressions of leadership in our respective Dioceses and Eparchies, we present the vision statement and constitution of the CFPC.

We, the Canadian Federation of Presbyteral Councils, work in a spirit of unity and collegiality with Priests and Bishops in Canada.  We serve the pastoral needs of the people of God by supporting Presbyteral Councils in their role as advisors to individual Bishops and by assisting Priests in the integration of their spirituality, ministry and leadership.

The name of the organization shall be the Canadian Federation of Presbyteral Councils: English Language Sector, (C.F.P.C.).

1. To provide a forum whereby the Presbyteral Councils of the local Churches can share their experiences as collaborators with their local Bishop in the governance of the local Church.
2. To accomplish and/or collaborate in accomplishing those tasks which cannot be adequately or easily done       by individual Councils.
3. To provide a means for Presbyteral Councils in the English Language sector united nationally, to cooperate with the Bishops, Religious and laity of Canada in addressing the needs and    concerns of the Church in the modern world.
4. Identify the concerns and needs of Priests, envision responses to these concerns and needs and promote strategies to implement these responses.
5. To provide a forum whereby Priests of the English Language sector can work in closer harmony with       Priests of the French language sector and International bodies in addressing
issues of mutual concern.

Membership shall be open to:
1. One (1) voting member from each Diocese/Eparchy who will represent all the Priests of his Presbyterate.
2. Three liaison Bishops, each representing one of the three Regional Assemblies of the Canadian Conference     of Catholic Bishops (Western, Central, Atlantic).  The terms of appointment for the liaison Bishops shall be determined by the respective Episcopal Assemblies. Observers from French Language sector Dioceses/Eparchies in Atlantic, Central and Western regions will be welcome to attend the annual meeting of the Federation.

Fees shall be determined at the annual meeting of the Federation.  The fiscal year of the Federation shall be January 1 to December 31.  The budget of the Federation shall be approved at the annual meeting.


  • The Annual General Meeting of the Federation will take place between September and December in a location to be determined at the previous Annual General Meeting.
  • Regions will hold at least one meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  • Each Diocese and Eparchy is permitted one (1) voting representative
  • The liaison Bishop or his delegate attending the Annual and his respective regional meeting is entitled to one vote.
  • All other priests are welcome to attend these meetings, and will have non-voter status.

All votes are decided by a simple majority unless otherwise indicated.

Diocesan/Eparchial Representatives to the annual meetings shall be appointed by their local Ordinary after consultation with the local Presbyteral Council.  The term of appointment shall be five (5) years.  It is encouraged that the Diocesan/Eparchial Representative be an Ex Officio member of his local Presbyteral Council for the duration of his appointment.

1. The Executive of the Federation shall be comprised of:
(a) A President, elected for a three (3) year term, renewable once.  The President is elected by secret ballot and an absolute majority (50 percent plus one) is required.
(b) Three Vice-Presidents are elected during a meeting of the delegates of the Atlantic, Central and Western regions.  The term of office of the Vice President shall be three (3) years, renewable once.  In the event of the inability of a regional Vice-President to complete his term, the President shall ensure a representative from that region is elected to complete the balance of the term.
(c) A Business Manager appointed by the CFPC Executive and ratified by the Diocesan/Eparchial Representatives at the Annual General Meeting.
(d) The outgoing President will hold a consultative role for a period of one year.  The Past President may leave office at any time.  Having stepped down, he may be considered eligible for re-election as President.

2. All Diocesan/Eparchial Representatives shall be considered eligible for election to the Executive of the CFPC.  All Regional Vice-Presidents are also considered eligible for election to the position of President.        It is recommended that the representative obtain his Bishop’s approval to let his name stand for election.

3.  When elected to the Executive, the President or the Vice-President may continue to represent his Presbyteral Council. After discussion with his Ordinary, a new representative for the Diocese/Eparchy may be appointed.

1. The President shall be the chief spokesman for the Federation and shall promote the CFPC vision.  He shall call and preside at all General and Executive meetings of the Federation.  He shall act as a link between:
(a) the CFPC and its members,
(b) the CFPC and the CCCB, and
(c) the CFPC and International Organizations of Priests and Presbyteral Councils.

2. The regional Vice-Presidents shall choose one of their own number to fulfill the duties of the President in his absence or incapacity.  They shall also be responsible for the coordination of all Federation activities in their regions.
3. The regional Vice-President shall act as a link between the CFPC Executive and the Diocesan/Eparachial Representatives in his region.  He shall call and chair all regional meetings of his region of the CFPC.  He     shall be responsible for promoting the CFPC vision throughout his region.

4. The Business Manager shall be responsible for keeping the records of the Federation, providing mailings and documentation, in accordance with the wishes of the Executive, and for the collection, safe keeping and         dispersal of the funds of the Federation, according to the directives of the Executive.  The Business  Manager shall fulfill the Role Description as reviewed by the CFPC Executive.

The Executive shall meet annually at an agreed time, and also before the Annual General Meeting.

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting at any annual or special meeting of the Federation, provided that amendments have been submitted to member councils by the Executive at least four months prior to such meetings.  Under normal circumstances, amendments would be suggested in the form of a notice of motion at an Annual General Meeting, and voted upon at the next Annual General Meeting.

AMMENDED: 2014 Annual General Meeting, Toronto, Ontario